Past Events



Cootamundra Sprints, 28 July 2018, Photos by Tim Shellshear, Graeme Louk and Jeremy Morris

All French Day, ads;lkfj , Photos by Sue and Les Miller

Maroubra Book Launch, Photos by Tim Shellshear, Jeremy Morris and Phil Guilfoyle

Night Rally June 2018, Photos by Jeremy Morris and Jock Granger

Historic Winton, May 2018, Photos by Tim Shellshear and Kerry Skyring

VSCCA Vauxhall Register Rally, April 2018, Photos by Mary & Richard Walton and Peter Weir

Mid-Week April Lunch @ Terry Hills Tavern, Photos by Sam Cannuli

Fun Driving Tests @ Fiat Club Grounds, Photos by Tim Shellshear

Mountain Rally to Bathurst via Isabella, Photos by Krystyna Andreoni, Tim Shellshear and Jeremy Morris 

Twilight Rally to Wisemans Ferry, Photos by Jeremy Morris, Jock Granger and Barbara DeGraff

Bathurst Race Camp Weekend, Photos by Tim Shellshear, Jeremy Morris and Paul Harper  
Opening Rally, Silverwater Park, Photos by Tim Shellshear, Krystyna Andreoni and Jock Granger


Closing Rally, Photos by Jock Granger
Old Hume Highway Historic Houses Tour, Photos by Jeremy Morris, Stephen Figgis
Tiger Moths and Jazz on the Hawkesbury, Photos by Sam Cannuli
Jazz @ Bellawongarah 2017, Photos by Syd Reinhardt and Tim Shellshear
George Green Rally 2017, Photos and report by Krystyna Andreoni
Melbourne MotorClassica, Photos by Tim Shellshear
VSCCA @ TudorFest 2017, Photos and report by Peter and Sue Stockell  
Historic Wakefield 2017, Photos by Richard Lamrock and Tim Shellshear
Cootamundra Sprints, Report by J Morris, Photos Tim Shellshear and Glenda Snape
All British Display Day, Kings School, Photos by Tim Shellshear and Rob Stynes
National Heritage Motoring Day, Historic Houses Tour, Report by Cliff King, 
Historic Winton, Photos and report by Tim Shellshear
VSCCA Autumn Tour, Photos and report by Krystyna Andreoni
Tour de Fleurieu, South Australia,  Photos by Roger Foster  
Gymkhana Driving Tests, 8 April, Photos by Tim Shellshear and Jeremy Morris
Mountain Rally, 18-19 March, Photos by John Grant and Jeremy Morris
Bathurst 12-Hour Race Camp Weekend, 3 - 5 February
Australia Day Display, Parramatta Park, Photo by Graeme Louk
Opening Rally at Silverwater Park, Photos by Jock Granger, John Grant and Phil Guilfoyle
Bol d'Or at Wakefield Circuit, Saturday 14 January


Closing Rally, Roseville Golf Club, Photos by Jock Granger
GEAR at Wakefield Park, 7 December, Photos by Rees Mackay
The Hawkesbury Run, "The Missions", Photos by John Grant, John Murn and Jock Granger
George Green Rally 2016, Photos by John Grant, Ginni Mather and Richard Lamrock
Cootamundra Sprints 2016 - rained out
40th Anniversary of Historic Racing, September 2016, Photos by Phil Sims, Richard Lamrock , Dave Stuart and Tim Shellshear  
40th Anniversary of Historic Racing at Wakefield Park, Photos by Jeremy Morris
Video by Karl Elbourne

Historic Winton, Photos by Tim Shellshear
Mt. Wilson Run, Photos by Tim Shellshear
Mountain Run, Photos by Tim Shellshear
Vauxhall, April Autumn Rally
March Terrey Hills Tavern, Photos by John Grant
50 Bob Centenary Run, Photos by Tim Shellshear
Opening Rally, Photos by John Grant



Closing Rally, Photos by Jock Granger
Cootamundra Sprints, Photos by Robyn Mackay
George Green, Photos by John Grant and John Jones
Classic Yacht Concours,  Photos by Rees Mackays
Central Coast Run, Photos by John Grant
Mid Week Lunches, Photos by Jock Granger
Hawkesbury Run, Photos by Ken Swinbourne and Richard Lamrock
The Mountain Rally, Photos by Richard Walton, Tim Shellshear, John Lackey
Opening Rally, Photos by John Grant, Jock Granger, Bill Lloyd


November Central Coast Run, Photos by John Grant
70th Anniversary/George Green Rally
Photos by John Hurst Krystina Andreoni and Jim Cuthbert
Cootamundra Sprints, Photos by Tim Shellshear
Winton, Photos by Tim Shellshear
June General Meeting, Photos by John Grant
Jazz At The Lamrocks, Photos by John Grant and Todd Barker
Mountain Run, Photos by John Grant and Todd Barker
March General Meeting,  Photos by John Grant
March Pie in The Sky, Photos by Peter Hale


Opening Rally, Photos by John Grant
December General Meeting, Photos by John Grant
Closing Rally, Photos by John Grant
Prewar MG Run Bathurst, Photos by Rob Phillips
Cootamundra Sprints, Photos by Rob Phillips
Mystery Run, Photos by John Grant and Krystina Andrioni
Jazz At Tony's, Photos by Richard Lamrock
George Green Rally
September General Meeting,  Photos by John Grant
All British Day Kings School, Photos by John Grant and Jock Granger
Christmas in July
June Terry Hills Tavern,  Photos by Jock Granger
Night Navigation Run, Photos by Tim Shellshear
Pie in the Sky Lunch, Photos by Peter Hale
Jazz at Bellawongarah
Southern Highlands Breakfast Run
Historic Winton, Photos by Richard Lamrock
Jazz on the Hawkesbury 2013,  Photos by John Grant and John Hurst
February Mid Week Lunch
Opening Rally. Note: Please allow time for this page to open.


Christmas Party, Photos by John Grant
George Sevenoaks Run, Oakdale
George Green,  Photos by John Grant, Barry Edmunds & Linton Morris
Pie In The Sky Lunch Run, Photos by Richard Walton
Hawkesbury Run, Photos by Tim Shellshear
Silverdale Hill Climb Revisited, Photos by Geoff Ringrose and John Hurst
Rob Roy Hill Climb, Photos by Tim Shellshear
Cootamundra Sprints, Photos by Cliff King and Tim Shellshear
All British Day, Photos by John Grant, Richard Andreoni & John Hurst
South Coast Run, Photos by John Grant
Mount Victoria Run  
Wedderburn Air Display  
2012 Alpine Rally, Photos by John Hurst, Tim Shellshear & Noel MacWhirter
April General Meeting, Photos by Cliff King
Opening Rally, Photos by John Grant and Richard Walton
85th Anniversary Australian Grand Prix, Photos by Cliff King and Tim Shellshear 

2011 Year

December Closing Rally, Photos by Cliff King
Pre War MG Run, Photos by Tim Shellshear
Coota Sprints Cootamundra, Photos by Jim Cuthbert
All British Display Day, Photos by John Grant
Eastern Creek Dislay Day, Photos by John Grant
Winton Voiturette Run, Photos by Tim Shellshear
Night Navigation Rally  
George Green 2011, Photos by John Grant and Geoff Ringrose
Southern Highlands Charity Run, Photos by Tim Shellshear & Richard Andreoni
Vauxhall Lunch, Photos by John Grant
Hawkesbury Run, Photos by John Grant
General Meeting March, Photos by John Grant

2010 Year

Closing Rally 2010, Photos by Tim Shellshear and Cliff King
Mid Week Lunch, Photos by Cliff King
Sausage Sizzle December Meeting, Photos by Cliff King and David McDonald
Thanksgiving Rally Braidwood, Photos by Tim Shellshear
George Green Memorial Rally, Photos by Tim Shellshear and John Grant
September Meeting ("Chain Gang Nash"), Photos by Richard Andreoni and John Grant
Coota Sprints Cootamundra, Photos by John Hurst and Tim Shellshear
August Mid Week Lunch, Photos by John Hurst  
All British Day 2010  
Shannon's Eastern Creek CMC Display Day  
July 2010 Southern Breakfast Run, Como Marina
General Meeting July 2010 Derby Bentley  
Great Train Weekend 2010
Nog "n" Natta Sunday 11th July
Night Navigation Run 2010, Photos by  
June Northern Beaches Breakfast Run, Narrabeen
Hill End Three Day Run April 2010
Bellawongarah Picnic & Display Day, 15 May 2010,
General Meeting May 2010, HRG
Yarralumla Big Day Out March 2010, Photos by David McDonald
Opening Rally HMAS Watson, Watsons Bay 


Closing Rally, Springfield House
Coota Sprints, Cootamundra
Tasmania 2009
Northern Beaches Breakfast Run
General Meeting - Type 44 Bugatti
George Green
Opening Rally 2009,  Prospect Reservoir


George Green, Turners Vineyard Lodge, Orange
Vauxhall Lunch    
Illawarra Fly Run
Big Train Day 2008, Mount Victoria
Autumn Tour,  Old Parliament House,  Canberra 2008    
Hawksbury Run 2008  
Opening Rally 2008, Kurnell


Registration Plates Day
John Giddy Vauxhall Lunch, Macquarie Links  
George Green 2007, Gloucester
George Sevenoaks Run 2007
Camden Park Run 23 September 2007
St. Alburns Picnic Day 2007
Opening Rally 2007, Cataract Dam 


George Green 2006
Vauxhall Lunch 2006, Macquarie Links
CMC Picnic 2006, Dolls Point
Opening Rally, HMAS Watson


George Green 2005         
Nog "n" Natta, Pitt Town, 2005   
Brass Monkey Run 2005   
Shannon's CMC Display, Day Eastern Creek
Garage Crawl 2005   
All British Day, Kings School 2005
Concept Day 2005, Wakefield Park   
Autumn Tour    
George Sevenoaks Run 2005, Kookaburra Picnic Ground, Nurrangingy, Doonside
Opening Rally, HMAS Watson, Watsons Bay
CMC President's Picnic, Dolls Point 


George Green 2004, Young
2004 Bol Dor, Wakefield Park
Southern Breakfast Run, August 2004, Bulli Lookout
60 Year Economy Run, Goulburn to Picton   
60th Anniversary Around Australia Tour in a Veteran Vauxhall 2004
60th Anniversary Luncheon The Horse & Jockey Menangle 2004
Nog"n"Natta, Picton 2004   
George Sevenoaks 2004,  Akuna Bay  
Opening Rally, Botany Bay National Park Kurnell  
NRMA Motor Fest, 2004   


Wedderburn Air Show 2003  
George Green 2003  
2003 Bol Dor, Wakefield Park
2003 Alvis Soup Run   
2003 MTA Display Day, Darling Harbour   
2003 Meet The Bentleys   
2003 Opening Rally   
2003 NRMA Motor Fest  


2002 Red Hill Regularity Run, Photos by John Lackey  
2002 Opening Rally, North Head

PRE 2002

1989 CVVTMC Dispay Day, Photos by Geoff Ringrose  
1978 International Rally, Gold Coast,  Photos by Geoff Ringrose and John Grant
1972 NZ International Rally, Photos by John Grant

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