Editorial Notice, May 2017 

Website and newsletter

Our new web site coupled to this emailed newsletter is proving a great success and in order to develop both further and provide oversight of presented material, both Tim Shellshear and Cliff King have offered to be Joint Editors in Chief of both the web and the newsletter.

All articles and reports for inclusion in this newsletter will in future be received, reviewed and edited as necessary so that we keep both the Web and Newsletter to the highest standard. It is after all the VSCCA public face and read worldwide.

Barbara DeGraff who is managing the web and compiling and issuing this newsletter is going a truly great job, but we don’t want to overburden her, nor run away with costs, so we are rolling up our sleeves to share the load.  

In future please send all material that you think would be of interest to members for inclusion in the newsletter to Tim on tim.shellshear@bigpond.com and Cliff on cliff.king106@gmail.com. Stories, technical articles, photos or gossip are invited. 

‘The Vintage Car’

Our magazine ‘The Vintage Car’, edited by John Grant, will of course continue unchanged. John is taking a well earned retirement from the job of editor at the end of the year, so we are after a new editor.