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LAP of NSW (75th Anniversary)

Lap of NSW Adventure 

September 12 – 28, 2019

(part of the 75th VSCCA Anniversary)

Lap of NSW Adventure – starts next week.

Latest news from Noel McIntosh 1st September 2019

Spring has sprung and rain is falling all over NSW.  The country will be stunning!

A surprising number of people expressed the burning desire to drive a car around NSW – especially in a pre-war car.  Unfortunately all these people have one problem or another and are not able to join Noel and Rob on the tour. 

Rob Everett and I are working hard to ensure our car will make the start on 12th September for the trip down the beautiful South Coast.  We will go over the Snowys to join the VSCCA 75 Anniversary Rally on the 15th in Wagga for the 75th dinner.

The Riley Lynx I bought in May 2018 has taken 6 months of hard work to get it in better shape.  
It had a leaking block and head.  I fixed the head but had to buy a new block in UK.  This arrived in Feb and was rebuilt in a hurry for the Riley National in May.  It went well for 3000 kms but on our return journey the engine blew up in Wagga with a hole in the piston.  

The second engine rebuild, this time with standard compression, started in July.  I had to get a replacement crankshaft as the first one was badly ground in Queanbeyan.  The engine  was finished in mid August and has now done 800 miles of running-in.

The route planning is fixed but flexible.  We want to circumnavigate NSW so we try to find a way to drive the Tibaboora  track which is 4 wheel drive at times.  We will only know when we get to Broken Hill and speak to the locals.

We have done a long test to get used go the car and find out what we need for personal comfort.

Now all we need to do is work out what equipment and creature comforts are required.  Fortunately, we have a very comprehensive box of tools, spares and emergency bits as this is my 6th long distance motoring adventure and Rob’s 5th

We look forward to meeting country car clubs and their members to discuss the joys of pre-war motoring on open, less crowded roads.

Many members have been helping and advising. 

Thank you, Rees, Phil Guilfoyle, Ray Fowler, Paul Baee, Trevor Whitefield, Crawford Hall, to list just a few.

The 1937 Riley Lynx 12/4 is a 1500cc 4 cylinder four seater convertible.  It is very comfortable on the road, well suited to long distance driving – if it keeps going!  It is 80 years old and had a tough life in Ireland for its first 50 years.  It was a wreck when it arrived in Melbourne in the 1980s where the engine was swopped for a frost cracked one.  Much work was put into the restoration in Brisbane and I have done heaps more.

We will bring the Riley to the next meeting as it is a day before we depart.


Join us on the Lap of NSW Adventure, an exciting long distance adventure around the perimeter of NSW.

This is a touring event to re-enact the journeys of pre-war motoring pioneers and revive the excitement and unpredictability of “vintage” motoring.  Experience the rural countryside, the locals, the sights and smells.

This will be a challenging adventure with a set route but no daily deadlines or convoy.  Entrants will meet at night and will keep in contract via wireless over the 5,000 km route.

Departing Sydney on 12 September, down the beautiful South Coast to Eden then up the mountains to Jindabyne and down to Batlow and Wagga.

We join the main 75th Anniversary Rally for dinner on Saturday 14th, the Sunday activities and the 75th  Anniversary dinner on Sunday night.

Monday morning we drive West along the mighty Murray to Swan Hill and Mildura where we change to the Darling.

We will meet the old car club in Broken Hill and visit the art galleries and mine.

Then up the Darling to Wilcannia, Bourke, Walgett, Moree, Goondiwindi, Tenterfield and the Pacific Ocean at Tweed Heads. 

Down the beautiful coastal towns all the way to finish in Sydney on 28th.

  • Victorian entrants start and end their Lap in Wagga. 

  • Queenslanders start and end in Tweed Heads.

 Send your expression of interest by email to Noel & Rob at aidsys@mac.com

Entries will be strictly limited to 5 cars.

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