The Club's members are as diverse as their motor cars.  
They come from all walks of life and a broad range of ages. They share one thing in common - an enthusiasm for the cars and a commitment to sharing the enjoyment of using them.  


Ownership of an eligible car is not a re-requisite for joining the Club. Learn more.

Events and Activities

There is usually one event each month. 

Events could be a one day run, a breakfast run, a short run followed by lunch, a weekend away or a longer run over several days.

These runs are usually on scenic, quieter roads and sometimes include a visit to an interesting site, historic house or vineyard.

Some runs include a competitive element such as navigation, observation or estimation - although the emphasis is decidedly on simply enjoying the use of our cars.

RTA Conditional Registration

Membership in the VSCCA gives you access to the low priced RTA Conditional Registration Scheme that allows use of eligible club vehicles to all Club events.

In house specialist inspectors

The Club has in-house specialist inspectors for the registration process. This licence, with reduced registration and insurance costs, allows classic sports car motoring at a very moderate cost.

Benefits of membership

 You'll find the Club offers a very friendly atmosphere and help and advice about restoration and maintenance of an old motor car is not hard to find.

Membership of the Club enables you a chance to meet like-minded people and gives you: 

  • Use of the RTA's Conditional Registration scheme
  • Invitations to a wide range of vintage car motoring and social events
  • A subscription to The Vintage Car, a leading magazine
  • Advice from widely experienced technical experts
  • Access to an extensive library of technical reference and vintage motoring books 


Annual Membership

The annual membership fee is $70.00.  To join, complete the application form and send it with your payment of $70.00 to:

Secretary of The VSCCA
GPO Box 2365
Sydney NSW 2001

Share your passion

Join the Vintage Sports Car Club of Australia and enjoy the camaraderie of a diverse group of people who share a passion for classic sports car motoring.

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