Austin Register Update May 2018

These are great cars and our objective has been to get members to get their cars going and get using them.

Eva Elbourne has been getting out to the occasional club event in her Austin 12. My chummy arrived after a rebuild (after stops and starts over 20 years) and it has been to the May Historic Houses and NT Hume tour, and Rob Phillips ran it at Cootamundra.

Two members of the VSCCA 'race' one another in two Austin 7s at the annual Cootamundra Sprints.


But the stand out would have to be Geoff Gay

Geoff has been driving his English bodied 1930 chummy all over the place this year. Shopping, the beach, school sport, display days, family holidays, Cootamundra sprints, and club nights.

I asked him how it was going, and he said “I find it hard to get anywhere quickly”. I said “That doesn’t sound right. It goes like the clappers” He said “It does. The problem is when I park. Everyone wants to talk to me, and I can’t get away.

His latest adventure was the two day NT Hume tour with his wife Fiona and two kids Alexander and Lucinda on board, with tool kit, baggage and petrol tin from Bowral to Yass and back. It beetled along at a very respectable 80-85 kph in undulating country, even on the dirt. Many members had to reassess the utility of these cars after his performance.

 His whole family can now drive the car (the kids still have a few years before they are licenced), and his effort demonstrate that a well sorted chummy can be a really effective entry level vintage car. And they are nimble enough in Sydney traffic.


Interestingly there were four Austin sevens on The NT Hume tour.

Dermer Bennett has probably the pick of the Club’s Austins, having purchased a 1929 Austin 7 TT supercharged car. These were the forerunners to the Ulster. This car is immaculate and really quick. He has had it out to Southern Highlands events. If you get a chance to see it, have a close look and ask to see under the bonnet. It is super special, and Dermer is a lucky bloke.

There are promises of more cars on the road shortly.

Rob Phillips has started sorting the car he has had for many years. Construction of an Austin 7 is being commenced by Christo Morris for his twin boys. Miles Felstead is completing a Meteor and fettling a chummy. We hope to see both soon. There are a surprising number of inquiries about available cars by members.                                         

If you are looking for something, get in contact and we can see what we can find for you. If you have one languishing in the shed, get it running and get driving!

Jeremy Morris