Opening Rally 2018

Silverwater Park

Photos by Tim Shellshear, Krystyna Andreoni and Jock Granger  
Report by Krystyna Andreoni

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From The Navigators Point of View

Having a day off for some Fun

The Opening Rally of the VSCCA seems to be all about getting the Old Cars back together and allowing their owners to catch up on all the gossip of what’s what! 

Over a casual picnic lunch there are many conversation about family and friends, how Christmas was spent, what the New Year will bring. 

The guys have a chance to talk about engines and gather around any new cars that show up; it is almost like a Debutante Ball to introduce the new comer. 

I have always had a small favourite - Mark Copping’s turquoise blue Morris Minor which takes out the “Cute Award” in my book. 

Oh the sad news I had to share with him,  he was upstaged by the LeZebre that stole all our hearts when she putted across the field.  The members crowded around to inspect this unique little French Miss with her curious simplicity. Her owner, Andrew, was happy to put her through her paces for us to admire. 

The Weather was beautiful. Well behaved children & dogs joined in the fun. John Lackey’s Bentley gave the children and some Big Kids the thrill of a twirl around the field … he could have charged for rides! 

Everyone had a marvellous time, giving us a wonderful start to the New Year with the anticipation of many more adventures to come. 

~  Krystyna Andreoni