18-19 March, Photos by John Grant and Jeremy Morris


Rain fell heavily on Friday night and all weekend for the 2017 “Mountain Rally”.  But about 20 hardy souls from the VSCCA and Alvis Car Club turned out for the true mountain weather in the Southern Highlands.  

The Alvis Car Club contingent comprised President Heather Goldsmith, Bruce Cunningham, David McDonald, Mike and Sue Menzies (although Brian Wilson and I are both members).  Murray McDonogh toured up from Canberra in his Bristol and Highlanders Henry Walker, and Vic and Warwick Nicholson dropped by.  

We travelled on the back roads from Camden down through the southern Highlands with the route chosen for the panoramic sweeping views over lakes and valleys, which were all totally mist-bound on the day.  But we still had good quiet roads suitable for vintage cars.  

Miles Felstead made his collection available for inspection at his shed on the outskirts of Bundanoon.  Dinner at the Bundanoon Hotel revealed this Club has had double life time bans imposed.  Not this year – everyone was in bed early with rainfall continuing steadily.  

By Sunday some headed for home.  The Australian Motorlife Museum rang to inquire if we were still coming for lunch despite the teeming rain and local roads closed by floodwaters.  I told them we were, and was told “We thought so – you are not like other clubs”!  

Those who defied the fog, mist and rain had access to the Museum, and a terrific lunch followed by a tour of the workshop and storage area.  As would be expected, the weather was fine by the time we got home.  A sodden but successful event.  

Thank you to all those who persisted.

Jeremy Morris, President