Tour de Fleurieu 2017

Photos by Roger Foster, Foster Photographiques


Four of our members towed their cars across the Hay Plains to the Fleurieu Peninsular south of  Adelaide for the three-day tour ending on the 2nd April.

Those who went from here were Don and Vicki Harrington with the 1924 Hotchkiss AM, Bruce and Mary Smeaton 1923 Amilcar C4, Greg Mackie 1924 Minerva (ex Brian Blacker), Andrew Benoit with the diminutive single cylinder 1913 Le Zebra.

They joined up with ‘our man’ in Adelaide Kent Patrick in the 1926 T37A Bugatti with son Nick travelling from Sydney to share the driving.

Lots of Amilcars and Bugattis and a scattering of other French makes. A great event apparently and although not our rally, the photos are of our members who participated.