Autumn Tour 2017
Over the Mountains and by the Sea

Photos and report by Krystyna Andreoni, Tour Photographer 

The Autumn (over the Mountains & by the Sea) Tour 2017 was magnificent, beautifully organised by Rex & Norah Vincent.  

To begin, there were the clear instructions and thoughtful additions in our goodie bags which included wipes, tissues, snacks and MAPS - a navigators dream come true!  

The weather was perfect, cool, crisp and sunny … a photographers dream, so I took over a 1000 photos of the constantly changing topography.  

Majestic rolling hills becoming mountains with rain forest glens or pine forests leading to The High Country with its promise of Brumbies, alas not seen!  

Rivers, damns and the Ocean sneaking up on us around a corner and of course all the animals constantly grazing on the lush countryside. 

Far too many highlights to name but the Boggy Creek show of The Man From Snowy River stood out for me … there were horses of course!!!  

Owners Tim and his wife put together an excellent performance which both amused and amazed our group. Their background knowledge, sense of humour and deep connection with the land that they know so well was nothing short of inspiring.

Tim’s love for his animals shows through their close connection and trust of him, a joy to watch for an animal lover.  That Trust even had me volunteer for holding 2 sticks which he broke with his whip, first one held in my hand and then one held in my teeth … True Trust … but my ears were ringing for quite some time, happily I don’t wear hearing aids.  We were rewarded by Billy Tea and wonderful cakes (I had four pieces of fruit cake).
To add to the adventures were all the meal times where we shared stories with acquaintances who quickly became friends.  

I do love hearing peoples stories as it gives a fuller appreciation of the wonderful group we have in our diverse club.  

We are blessed by the kinship and camaraderie of the VSCCA.  

Many thanks to all of you who made this tour such a pleasure and success, especially Norah and Rex.  
~  Krystyna Andreoni, Tour Photographer