Historic Winton 2017

Photos by Peter Cundy Don Harrington, Rees Mackay, Richard Lamrock and Tim Shellshear.  Report below by Tim Shellshear.

An excellent roll up of club members competing and spectating made for a very strong representation of our Club at this great event.  VSCCA members competing were:

John Lackey      1937     MG TA special
Rees Mackay    1933     Riley 9/14 special
Stirling Mackay    1933     Riley 9/14 special
Graeme Louk    1958     Cooper MG
Christopher Morris    1922     GN
Paul Armstrong    1962    Nalla Holden
Jeremy Morris    1934    Frazer Nash TT
Richard Longes    1927    Bugatti T35B
Dick Willis        1959    Cooper Climax
Ben Powell        1951    Riley special
Kent Patrick        1926    Bugatti T37A
Syd Reinhardt    1963    GSM Dart
Peter Cundy        1934    MG NA special
Tim Shellshear    1932     MG F Magna special

Perfect weather on Saturday and overcast and cold on Sunday. The rain held off until the mid afternoon pre-war regularity event when the sky opened up on those unfortunates sitting on the waiting grid to give them a good soaking before going out in 12° temperature.

No cases of pneumonia reported yet though.

As well as those competing, there were at least another dozen VSCCA members helping or spectating. As always it was a great motorsport weekend.

~ Tim Shellshear