George Green Rally

Photos and report by Krystyna Andreoni

As always it was a great delight sharing stories, lots of laughs and generally enjoying good company on the Roads Less Travelled with our wonderful old cars.

It takes adventurous, patient, tolerant people to attempt car rallies, as breakdowns can happen at any time, a microcosm of life.  The mechanic is kept busy with the actions of repair, while the navigator/passenger must wait patiently or pull out the knitting.

From experience, my only job is to hold lights or hand over tools which I may or may not know by name?  The life of the Roady can be frustrating, one has to learn to manage emotions … certainly a testing ground for couples.  

Our trip in the Mark V Jaguar has not even started, 5 k from home, we have had 3 stops in side streets for adjustments of some sort trying to get the Old Girl running smoothly.  It was all good yesterday on the test run, but this morning is a different story.   Oh, did I mention that I have not had my morning coffee yet … that was scheduled for meeting place at Glenorie.  

Finally we are headed back home to change another part. I am aligning with the Green-Light Angel, as every stop is becoming a praying session so the Old Girl keeps going, despite the strange noises of uncertainly.  

Back to the safety of the garage, I’m off to make a cup of tea.  Alterations made … the test run is negative, so the 1987 Benz is loaded up with gear, the Old Girl is put to bed for the weekend.  Sadly we are off again, but feeling safe and calm this time taking the Benz on an adventure.

On the road again

We make it to The Great North Post Office for the end of lunch … the food was worthwhile, a quick meal, then off to Wollombi, Broke, Braxton, Luskintyre, Bolwarra, Morpeth and the Motto Farm Motel in Heatherbrae.  The usual Happy Hour, followed by dinner at the motel.  

Argo Engineering Factory TOUR

Friday morning 20th October, we had the option of a trip to Morpeth with the Drivers touring the Argo Engineering Factory which makes con rods and engine components; while the Navigators had retail therapy and coffee.  Almost everyone went back for lunch at Motto Farm Motel. 

Richard and I drove to Maitland Art Gallery to see Lionel Lindsey’s lithographs & wood cuts upon the suggestion of Syd Reinhart.  A wonderful cultural interlude which included a brilliant Children's  Art Exhibit from Kindie up through year 12 … Very Inspired Work!  

The Run from Maitland to Forster, although steady-misting rain, was most enjoyable in the comfort of the Benz.  Having missed lunch and the change of instruction, we ended up on the Naughty Bus, being late for the pick up to the Bowling Club Happy Hour & dinner.  The Running Joke of the weekend was the Bus Times!   4:45 (a quarter to 5) - PLEASE REPEAT! - What Time Are We Meeting???  Of course there were The Larrikins, who tried to confuse us at every opportunity … no surprise!

A Sunbeam retired with a blown Head Casket.  One MG had a minor charging problem, soon fixed, but there were some lost instructions which seemed to have blown somewhere into the stratosphere.  There was a jammed horn which caused some consternation over a few miles of road.  A Vauxhall decided to have a faulty Magneto & the spare became water logged in its wooden box.  A 6 1/2 liter Bentley had a jammed starter motor one morning. On the way home, around Peats Ridge, we did pass an Alvis Speed 20 in trouble being saved by Bob Blackett’s helpful hands.

On Sunday we had a wonderful Boat trip on the Free Spirit, although a few of us … me included … made our way to the forward deck to munch on ginger to quell any queasy tummies; luckily we all kept our sea legs, having a wonderful time. 

We were blessed by the appearance of some playful Dolphins who decided to outmaneuver our boat, showing us their skills and leaping for joy, giving us a special treat. There was also the delight of having Garth’s young clan join the group, adding a fresh outlook plus outdoing all of us in the feasting department with their appetites. 

On the last evening, Julie and Royce arrived looking spectacular in period costumes which raised a cheer throughout the bus, a special treat for us all.  We had a wonderful 4 days.  

As always it was a great delight sharing stories, lots of laughs and generally enjoying good company on the Roads Less Travelled with our wonderful old cars.

Krystyna Andreoni