National Heritage Motoring Day 2017

Photos by Tim Shellshear and Syd Reinhardt. Report below by Cliff King.

Starting at Curry Park at Camden, a group of around 40 vehicles made their way to Denbigh Farm, an intact example of a continuously functioning early farm complex (1817-1820) on its original 1812 land grant. 

Our guide for the day was Peter Hayward, who is associated with the Camden Historical Society, and who had an encyclopedic knowledge of the area.  We were blessed with superb weather, displaying the residence and outbuildings to their best. The significance of the area is emphasised by the fact that the whole property, land and buildings, is protected by State Heritage listing.

Following refreshments at Denbigh, we followed a scenic route to Belgenny Farm. Belgenny Farm constructed 1819 – 1840 was the working farm supporting the Camden Park homestead. Collectively they form the oldest, intact, rural landscape and group of farm buildings in Australia, with close associations with the Macarthur family.

The complex today is remarkably intact containing a flock of sheep with a continuous relationship to the original flock that arrived from the UK in the beginning of the 18th century. Again, Peter Hayward provided the group with a comprehensive description of the farm, ably assisted with several volunteers.

An enjoyable day ...

The weather was perfect for the occasion and we all had an history lesson!

~  Cliff King